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Fleeing a failing marriage and empty suburban life, Karen Moderow boards a prop plane for Wichita Falls, Texas, the home of her childhood. Her grandfather, an aging cowboy, welcomes her into his world—a simpler time and place where family and faith offer peace and sanctuary. There, Karen begins to uncover disturbing truths that not only challenge her view of God, but prepare her for a difficult journey that could destroy her family.

Back Roads Home is a tender story of lessons learned about love, integrity, and faith. It is a good read for those of us who deal with pain in our families and need to discover new depths of grace.                          

Dr. Jimmy R. Allen, author

Burden Of A Secret

Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

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Without soft-pedaling reality, The Parting makes a case for transcending loss with the celebration of life. The book offers families the opportunity to forge a powerful memorial that will not only honor their loved one, but will open the door for emotional healing and comfort. The Parting addresses a compliment of practical concerns and emotional topics. Especially helpful is the exploration of issues that often accompany the trauma of death. The insights on ambivalence, regrets, and the need to forgive, express dynamics grieving people will readily identify with. The book not only contains an organizational section of checklists and examples, it also offers many creative ways to participate in the service at whatever level is desired.

For Families…

Even in death, there is a way to honor a loved one, to move toward understanding and forgiveness, to encourage, to express grief, to welcome healing, and to worship.

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