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How a southern girl knows it's time to go home

The last of my ginger peach iced tea

I've just completed an eleven day personal retreat in Morro Bay. It was all I hoped it would be--a time of renewal, writing, walking along the beach, reading, relaxing in whatever proportion I needed and desired. The first day, I made my pitcher of peach tea and enjoyed it throughout my time. I was born in Texas so seldom go a day without it. There's an art to serving this delightful refreshment--a tall glass, filled to the brim with ice that melts to a perfect consistency by the end. Growing up, we drank sweet tea. I now prefer mine unsweet but always make it fresh. Never from a mix. And never with flavors added. I order my gallon-size ginger-peach tea bags online from Mighty Leaf and share it like a rare wine with my friends. Life is graced by many small pleasures. This is one of mine.

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